Ordinary People Making a Positive Difference: Olorunwa (Wellington) Sanlola’s Story

This is one of many stories from a wide variety of sources and a multitude of forms contributed by people upon request for my 70th birthday.   They will be posted without editing, with the attribution that was with them.  I will be posting these regularly until they run out next year sometime: if you have others to add, please send them to me.


You might think that the difference you can make is insignificant, I too had that belief some years back. I thought to myself “what can someone like me living in  Igbekebo an area without any economic value with an average financial  means do to make a difference in this world”?

Many years back during my secondary school, though I never gave up schooling, I was doing my bit and also going for fishing with my father and brother after school.

After my secondary school education I wanted to forward my education by getting into a tertiary institution but nobody is ready to assist me because nobody ever believed in me, I remember vividly the statement directed to me by the entire member of my family that “No one would want to invest in bad product”.

The statement got to me angry and I had nobody to discuss it with because I was very young and stubborn.

The fish farming went on for a long time until I became a man that could stand and take responsibility of his actions or inactions.

June 12, 1995 my mother travelled to check up on me and when she was leaving back to Lagos I told her I was going with her; that my heart was no more in the village. After seeing a lot of tears rolling out of my eyes, my mother agreed to take me with her to Lagos.

After spending a month at home, I told my mum that I can’t continue sitting at home that I want to learn something that will forever put smile on my face and food on my table. Mum asked me “What is it that you love to do”? My response was Radionic (Radio and Television repairer).

That same week I was enrolled into an institution where I can learn how to repair Electronic device with the money I saved while in the village some years ago.

I walk a long distance to work because I don’t have money to board a cab for so many years. This hard situation kept on but I was focused, determined and ready to face anything life throws at me because I know it’s just for a moment: “Sorrow may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning”.

At a point in time I became the eye of my master because of the faith and trust he had on me, one day he called in his office and said to me, “Wellington, greatness is all over you.” I asked him why he said so, he replied by saying you are honest, patient and hard working, anybody who possesses these qualities will definitely soar high and make difference. This is how my Boss gave me the mantle of leadership and became the general just because I was hardworking and a fast learner. I became the one making all repairs because I had strong belief in what I do.

My patience, hardworking, zeal, tenacity, dedication and honesty to what I believed in made me, an ordinary assistant fisher boy in a remote village of Igbekebo in Ondo State to become an MD/CEO of three leading registered organizations in Nigeria, and mingle with Who and Who in Nigeria. Like the Formal President of Nigeria, Formal Navy Auditor General of Nigeria, Senators e.t.c

In Nigeria today among the three (3) organizations that I am the CEO, Olorunwa Electronic Service is the leading and rated best broadcasting engineering company, that deals in servicing, repairs and sales of all kinds of visual and audio broadcasting equipment. And DeLowatech Nig. LTD. Deals with installation of all kinds of CCTV and solar energy lights.

And OYLESN International Limited deals with automobiles and farming products.

Now it was an ordinary person, a bad product that nobody wants to invest in, that is now the CEO of three (3) Organizations and paying salaries to staff of the organizations and now making a positive difference by bringing long lasting solutions to all form of electronic device and broadcasting equipment in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

As I always remember my late father’s words, “Don’t allow what people say to destroy your life, live your life to be fruitful.”

About jofacilitator

On Sept 1, 2020, I celebrated 50 years of work with the Institute of Cultural Affairs, facilitating meetings, groups, communities, and organizations, making it possible for ordinary people to have a voice in decisions that affect their lives. I retired on December 31, 2021, but still volunteer with the organization.
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